Update 0.2!

This is the first devlog for this project. Following things have been added: 

- A 4x4, 5x5 and a 6x6 Room
- A W+ Mode (a.k.a Walzer Mode) which is still in work
- Keybind Settings for Wide Turns (You can choose between seperate Keys or the Scrollwheel)

The Timer should also work better now. On top of that, the best times for the newly added Rooms have also been added.
The Walzer Mode is an additional challenge, where you can't stay on the center. You will automatically move forwards and you can control your movement only with the Left & Right Keys. More things will be added to this mode in the future.

If there are any bugs and/or suggestions, feel free to post them in the comments! Have fun! 


Rusobica Windows 21 MB
Version 11 Jul 19, 2019
Rusobica OSX 38 MB
Version 3 Jul 19, 2019

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